Milkfish Project

Pole and line Fishery has always been faced with classic issue such as the limited source of wild caught live baits. This is also the reason why Pole and Line Fisheries can never fulfill all the demand from the industry compared to Purse Seine Fishery.

PT SMS and AP2HI are trying hard to provide solution for this issue by sorting through all the alternatives for the wild caught live bait. There are few points that we need to consider in order to make it a perfect alternative solution: cost, quantity, and stability. In term of cost, this alternative needs to be economical, since about 30% of the overall pole and line industry cost comes from the purchase of the live baits. In term of quantity, it has to be able to produce as much as the gap that the wild caught live bait fishermen cannot provide.  And lastly, it has to be stable in term of production; it has to be able to produce all year long.

Milkfish comes on top of the list that is very close to what we need although the cost is still very high compared to the wild caught baits, but we are committed into finding ways to drive the costs down. PT SMS has succeeded culturing the milk fish in Northern Sulawesi (close to fishing ground); this progress is significant in driving the cost down by simply getting the logistic cost out. And now we are able to provide equivalent to 2-4 full pole and line trips a month and it will keep increasing as we find better ways to efficiently grow the milk fish to the useable size.

At this stage, we are working to find the best possible way to grow the milkfish the faster way by using least space. And if you have the better solution, please help us by contacting us and tell us your thought. Let’s help the sustainable fisheries by involving in it!

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