Message from the Chairman


We aim to be a leading sustainable tuna manufacturer in Indonesia as well a notable supplier of processed seafood to the rest of the world. We are not merely talking about sustainability but we are committed in making it happen.

We have the ability to differentiate ourselves as a sustainable tuna processor in Indonesia because we are focused in processing pole and line caught tuna which is considered as a better and a more sustainable way to fish. With the support of our own pole and line fleets and the local pole and line fishermen, we can guarantee a continuous supply of raw material all year long.

Our commitment to quality goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to sustainable fishing, environmental friendly, our premises and system are run to a precise HACCP plan and PT SMS certified with BRC, OU and Halal certifications. Our Quality Assurance Team, a dedicated team of expert, works for continuous quality improvement and facilities upgrade.

We do also believe that we need to go beyond the company interests to the community we are in; hence, we are committed in serving our community better and better.

We will deliver a timely, reliable, and competitive service and product according to your needs.


Eddy Julianto Hok

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